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fanfic archive: Elizabeth Scripturient

the almost unsquickable fangirl
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This is the fanfic journal for hermionesviolin.

Fanfic is fiction which uses the characters/universe already created by another person. I mostly use the creations of Joss Whedon, but I sometimes play in other fandoms as well. All the characters belong to their original creators. This does not give you the right to steal the stories/ideas I created, however.

Many of the fics I post here will be disturbing to some people. I employ cut-tags and warnings for that reason. You do not have to read anything you don't want to.

I want feedback. Praise and criticism are both welcomed.

the_girl_20 once put it thusly: "I can take valid criticism. I'm not above that. I think it's great when people take the time to think enough about something I've produced to want to help improve it. So never worry about giving me criticism. I might not always agree ;) but I'll always be willing to discuss it."

Story of the icon:

Okay, so there’s this anti-slash site that mpoetess posted about, and they have little icons of their own, one of which says “Slashers are going down.” Yeah. So people who think slash is of the good made, um, suggestive, icons of their own. insanitykun made this one and says: It's Ao Sakurai, guitarist and occasional vocalist of the bands cali//gari and FIGURE'71 from the photoshoot "Aoe's Day Off." (I, hermionesviolin, have no familiarity with that band, but the icon is damn hot.)

Addendum: wtf?